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135112 ICT Project Manager

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Who is ICT Project Manager ANZSCO 135112?

The project manager in an organization has the responsibility of planning, progress, and accomplishment of all projects that are in the field of ICT. Every project that is done usually has a defined scope, a commencement time, and a defined project end time. Also, the project managers ensure that all the objectives set by the organization about the project are fulfilled within the time frame estimated. Moreover, they ensure that the cost is involved are minimal and there is maximum profit. As a result, the project manager can be considered as the person accountable for any discrepancies occurring in the project accomplishment or any issue arising in the project. The project managers should be conscious of project management methodologies like Scrum or DSDM, software development life cycle (SDLC), and software development processes. Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) describes the occupation duties of ICT project managers. If the candidates are interested in the ICT project manager role for their RPL report they can select code 135112. More information concerning the job role is listed below as per ANZSCO

Job Description of ICT Project Manager ANZSCO 135112?

Project managers usually represent clients. He assists in defining clear project objectives because he understands well the requirements. Following ANZSCO, the job description of any project manager comprises of the following:

  1. To have coordination with all administrative departments and the IT staff.
  2. They solve the problems arising from the accomplishment of a project by thinking outside the box.
  3. Their key job focus is resource management, timeline, and organization
  4. They are accountable for the organization and the timeline of the projects of ICT
  5. They have to ensure they maintain frequent communication with clients and comprehend their requirements.
  6. They play the role of a good leader as a result they ensure that the members of the team are working efficiently.

Roles and Responsibilities of ICT Project Manager ANZSCO 135112?

Any candidate can use them in their RPL application if their roles are responsibilities matches those listed in ANZSCO code 135112-ICT project manager. ICT project managers duties as stipulated by ANZSCO include the following:

  1. Monitoring and measuring the project progress using suitable tools.
  2. To estimate the duration of the tasks and maintain a schedule
  3. Ensure that project delivery time is adhered to
  4. To communicate with stakeholders and clients, taking their feedback and informing them of the project progress
  5. Forming a project team, assign task and also deadlines of the project
  6. Collecting all paperwork, conducting data checks, and creating documentation regarding the project.
  7. To conduct meetings regularly with the team and getting the updates status and task reallocation if required
  8. Directing ICT operations and supervising the ICT system security.
  9. To plan the project resource by defining its scope, time requirement and estimating the cost
  10. To supervise the ICT resource installation and provide user training
  11. To define a clear, achievable, and valuable objective of the project and passing the information to the entire team.
  12. Recommending the required technology that can satisfy the customers’ needs

Qualifications Required for ICT Project Manager ANZSCO 135112?

  • ANZSCO 135112-ICT project manager requirements of their education include a higher degree or a bachelor’s degree in the fields of computer programming, business, information technology, software engineering, management computer science, or fields related.
  • In addition to the formal qualification, a relevant experience, or a relevant vendor certificate or on the job training is required.
  • However, an applicant can compensate for formal education if they have field experience of 5 years as a minimum in the same field.

Skills Required for ICT Project Manager ANZSCO 135112?

Project managers are required to adjust themselves following the company’s procedure and ensure they have a relationship that is healthy with stakeholders and clients. The skills required for an ICT project manager comprises of the following:

  • Critical thinker.
  • Able to multitask.
  • Decision maker
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good communicator.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Some of the core ICT units included for the technical requirements for ICT project manager 135112 includes:

  1. Business Information Systems
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Information Systems
  4. System Integration
  5. Database Management Systems.
  6. Project planning and resource management
  7. Enterprise Resource Management
  8. Software Re-engineering
  9. Artificial Intelligence
  10. Computer Science
  11. Software Development

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