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135199 ICT Managers NEC

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Who is ICT Managers NEC ANZSCO 35199?

?The need to employ a qualified and efficient IT professional is growing in the industry market because technology is becoming a key pillar of various businesses. ICT manager is one of the key roles in the department of ICT of an organization. These are individuals who act as leaders of the IT department and they have a proactive approach to prioritize tasks. ICT managers have to oversee all the computing requirements of the organization. They ensure efficient utilization of resources, optimal running of a computer system in a company to the timeliness of the system, and maintaining the cost. ICT project managers are needed in numerous businesses such as software development, telecommunication, IT, and media. Any interested individual willing to migrate as a skilled ICT professional to Australia needs to put into consideration the ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) code 135199 for the role and job duties of ICT managers NEC.ICT managers creating their RPL application can use ANZSCO that provides the skill requirements and job descriptions. This article contains a comprehensive detail of the Job profile of ICT managers.

Job Description of ICT Managers NEC ANZSCO 135199

The interested candidates can select the code 135199 for their RPL report by matching the job roles with that is given by ANZSCO. They can mention in the report the responsibilities of their professional career and key areas of knowledge. ICT managers NEC 135199 performs the following job description:

  1. They need to ensure that the IT teams have resources that are adequate so that they complete their task on the agreed day.
  2. They need to work in close contact with the company’s decision-makers to ensure effective implementation of the software solution
  3. They use the understanding and knowledge of the systems of IT to develop solutions that are effective.
  4. They act as administrators who maintain and monitors the company’s computing needs
  5. They need to be acquainted with the up to date technological advancement so that the company can have an effective working of the computer system.
  6. They make sure that projects are running smoothly and also leads the IT department

Roles and Responsibilities of ICT Managers NEC ANZSCO 135199

In the coming years in Australia, the role of an ICT manager is likely to change in numerous businesses.135199 ICT manager plays the following roles and responsibilities as stipulated by the ANZSCO:

  1. To establish contingency plans, backup resources, and set the delays
  2. To make any amendment in the project as obligated by the supervisor based on reports of the IT department, clients update and feedbacks
  3. Coordinating and designing all ICT related activities.
  4. Performing audits of the system and evaluating the result
  5. Be at the forefront to ensure that the projects are running smoothly as expected
  6. To resolve any conflict that may appear during the implementation of the projects or if it appears on the project progress.
  7. Selecting and hiring an IT team, providing coaching to employees, and to provide correct feedback
  8. Providing support, directing, and administrating in everyday activities of the department of ICT
  9. Implementing and designing the ICT policies, practices, and procedures for the company.
  10. Establishing and rectifying any weakness that arises on the project

Qualifications Required for ICT Managers NEC ANZSCO 135199

  • ANZSCO 135199 ICT managers NEC requirement of their education is usually a higher qualification or a bachelor degree in the field of ICT.
  • An applicant can compensate for formal education if they have experience of 5 years as a minimum in the same field.
  • However, a relevant experience or on the job training is a mandatory requirement

Skills Required for ICT Managers NEC ANZSCO 135199

ICT managers are professionals with experience who can comprehend the client’s problem, examine them, and give a solution that is efficient. As a result, the important skills for the job role the interested candidate can display in the RPL reports include:

  • Good decision-maker
  • Good reading skills.
  • Team member and team builder.
  • effective communication
  • Collaborative skills.
  • Critical thinker
  • Good project management skills.

Some of the core ICT units included for the ICT manager as defined in the ANZSCO include:

  1. Computer Algorithms
  2. Computer Science
  3. Information Security
  4. Project Management
  5. Software Testing
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Software Quality Management
  8. Software Engineering
  9. Information Systems

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