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223211 ICT Trainer

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Who is 223211 ICT Trainer?

Currently, IT skills have become a requirement for any organization and as a result, all the staff should equip themselves with the use of information technology and software package that is utilized in their organizations. For example, word processing packages, spread sheets, and email systems are some of the applications commonly been used by all companies. As a result, ICT trainers are required in an organization to train on the use of such applications to the staff. They are required to offer suitable training to the staff by creating an effective training program regarding this application software. These are computer professionals that are resourceful regarding the right application software for the whole company. Their willingness and passion to learn eloquent communication abilities and new technology make their work easier to handle and interesting. Code 233211 of Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) describes this profession. Australian Computer Society( ACS) is mandated to evaluate the RPL applications for the role of ICT trainers.

Job Description of ICT Trainer anzsco code 233211

The ICT trainers working schedule can be complex they have to provide a session of training to the staff in the evening after office hours or at weekends. The following include the job profile of 223211 ICT Trainer:

  1. They must possess user skills and excellent technical skills so that they can conduct training that is effective.
  2. They have to gather feedback from the staff to gauge if the training was a successful one
  3. ICT trainers can get jobs in colleges, educational institutions, and large organizations
  4. They have to develop and design programs for training for the employees of a company and conduct sessions for training.
  5. They need to have exceptional skills in written communication since they are supposed to make user guides and manuals.
  6. They have to ensure communication with the staff or users frequently to comprehend the needs of their learning.

Roles and Responsibilities of ICT Trainer anzsco code 233211

Occupation requirement for 223211 ICT trainers in Australia is provided in the ANZSCO for any professional nominating this occupation can get examples of roles and duties of ICT trainers so that they can have a clear idea. The following are their roles and responsibilities;

  1. They design, schedule, and conduct the classes for ICT training
  2. To monitor how the staffs are performing through the sessions of training questionnaires’’, and getting feedback from the staff.
  3. To provide an efficient solution to the staff by gaining a comprehensive knowledge concerning ICT subjects
  4. Finding the employees’ technical requirements and the organization on an overall basis
  5. Keeping documentation of the trainees concerning their resource allocation and learning development
  6. To research technical trends or the latest software and thereby provide the latest information to the employees by conducting training sessions from time to time.
  7. They are supposed to assess the training sessions’ effectiveness by performing surveys, use of
  8. To understand the knowledge gap of the employees between the required skills levels and current skills levels by conducting a pre-assessment test.
  9. Conducting the conference, group discussions, workshops, and meetings so that they can provide to the employees the ICT training
  10. Arranging training programs by teaming up with other training providers outside the company.
  11. Designing user guides, handbooks, manuals, and tutorials and to ensure that the staff accesses the information correctly from the software by providing complete guidance. Provide complete guidance to the employees.

Qualifications Required for ICT Trainer anzsco code 233211

  • The educator or 223211 ICT Trainer needs a higher qualification or a bachelor in the fields related to ICT that includes: management, business, human resources, information technology, and computer science.
  • Or else, a minimum of 5 years’ experience for the candidate
  • Various companies may demand job training in addition to the formal qualification.
  • However, an applicant can compensate for formal education (university degree) if they produce a relevant certification from a vendor

Skills Required for ICT Trainer anzsco code 233211

2232211 ICT Trainer their job profiles encompass numerous professional and technical activities such as designing, investigation, high research, and resolution of complex issues. Any interested candidates to attain a positive assessment from ACS, they need to represent not only their skills but also the business in the RPL application

ICT trainers need some personal skills needed for that job role such as:

  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to manage time.
  • Both oral and written communication ability.
  • confident
  • Motivator
  • enthusiast
  • Organization and coordination

ICT trainers should hold knowledge about ICT subjects although they may not be proficient in software development or programming languages.

Some of the core ICT units included for this job role as defined in the ANZSCO include:

  1. Theory of Education
  2. Introductory ICT Subjects
  3. Communication and Media
  4. Education and Training
  5. Online Training Systems
  6. Advanced ICT Subjects

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