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261212 Web Developer

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Who is Web Developer- ANZSCO 261212?

Web Developers are involved with planning, production, and maintenance of websites by leveraging software applications, web programming languages, databases, and technologies in conjunction with user specifications. The Alternative Title for the web developer is web Programmer. They work with professionals like usability specialists, network specialists, business analysts, and web designers. For wen developer to work and live in Australia, their job descriptions should be according to the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) code information. The ANZSCO describes the roles of the web developer under code 261212. Therefore for aspiring web developers, your roles and responsibilities and educational qualification must meet ANZSCO requirements. Web development is in demand in Australia in organizations like banks, government bodies, accounting firms, educational institutions, financial services, and IT firms. Therefore there is a high for highly skills web developers to get good jobs in Australia. To improve your employment and immigration chances, applicants should get RPL skills assessment in Web Developer.

Job Description of Web Developer- ANZSCO 261212

As per the ANZSCO, a web developer or a web programmer should perform specific roles to meet the RPL assessment for Australia Immigration. Below are the complete job roles for the web developer.

  1. They are responsible for designing websites and web applications in innovative designs, layouts, and development.
  2. Development of web applications to be in cooperated with websites accessible through the internet.
  3. They coordinate with the managers, designers, business analysts to make sure they achieve web development goals.
  4. They can act as the communication center, especially on technical matters related to web development.
  5. They handle software programming and graphical designs on behave of their clients.
  6. Responsible for project management plus meeting with respective clients

Roles and Responsibilities of Web Developer- ANZSCO 261212

The day to day job duties of a web developer is depended on the size of the organization and the nature of work it does. Below are the roles which are common for the web developer.

  1. Coding for the web applications for scripting languages and one programming like Swift, PHP, and JavaScript.
  2. They create layouts for user interfaces and websites.
  3. Data integration for backend technologies and different databases
  4. Website modifications as per clients or technical needs.
  5. They communicate with network specialists on user access issues, data integrity, resource allocation, data recovery, website backup, and web security.
  6. Optimizing the existing website design and code
  7. Development and maintenances of the websites using the latest technologies
  8. Documentation of the website bugs, technical specifications, errors, and codes for software engineers and web developers to act on them.
  9. Optimization of the existing websites
  10. Helping in the testing of the applications programming interfaces (APIs) for web applications and websites.
  11. Development of audio and video clips, animations, images by using programmable languages and multimedia software.

Qualifications Required for Web Developer- ANZSCO 261212

For the web developer occupation, the qualification requirement includes Bachelors or higher degree in ICT related fields such as software engineering, computer science, web development, and design.

At least 3 years of work experience in relevant field or vendor certification

Skills Required for Web Developer- ANZSCO 261212

Web developers should demonstrate proficiency in technical skills and soft skills to be marketable. Below are the soft skills important for web developers.

  • They should be attentive to details
  • Experts in problem-solving.
  • Good time management
  • Should have good coordination skills
  • Ability to work as part of the team and at some point show team leadership
  • Should have good organizational skills
  • Quick learner of the changes in technology.

The ANZSCO describes certain ICT core units that an applicant should confirm with to stand eligible for the job role of a web developer, such as:

  1. Mobile Design
  2. Web design and development
  3. Client/Server Technology
  4. Animation
  5. Object-Oriented Technology and Design
  6. Algorithms
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Operating Systems
  9. Internet
  10. Image and Data Manipulation
  11. Programming
  12. Information Security
  13. Graphics
  14. Database Management Systems
  15. Multimedia technologies

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