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261311 Analyst Programmer

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Who is Analyst Programmer (ANZSCO code 261311)?

Analyst programmer does user needs analysis, systems plans, produces user requirement documents, debugs, tests, encodes programs, and applications apart from undertaking program maintenance and documentations. The alternative title of the analyst programmer is a programmer analyst, and from the roles, it combines the jobs of a business analyst and a computer programmer. The Australian computer society (ACS) is responsible for assessing this field for Australia immigration where the RPL report for 261311 analyst programmer skill assessment is required.

Job Description of 261311 analyst programmer

The job description of an analyst programmer is specified by ANZSCO code for an analyst programmer is 261311. The job description for analyst programmer/ programmer analyst includes the following.

  1. They develop and design software and computer applications
  2. They can lead a team of ICT implementers, such as coordinating during the development of the software.
  3. They work on big data such as the analysis, manipulation, editing, among other activities.
  4. They are responsible for analyzing the customer’s requirements and identification of the technical specifications.
  5. 261311 Analyst Programmers supports the software system user for a smooth experience. 
  6. They work closely with the system, end-users while gathering user requirements, resolving the technical challenges, and updating and modifying the designs.
  7. They are responsible for information analysis and configuration of the applications depending on user specifications.
  8. They are responsible for the testing, identification and rectification of the faults in the system.

What are the tasks under an analyst programmer at ANZSCO 261311

For the analyst programmers to meet the organization’s business requirements, they should perform several roles in any company. The definition of roles and responsibilities of 261311 analyst programmer according to ANZSCO managing, analyzing and manipulating data sets and then preparing reports on various issues related to this dataset analysis is shown below.

  1. They do the auditors on the projects follow by giving suggestions on changes to be effected.
  2. They work on modifications and system updates from time to time depending on technical changes on customers’ requirements and maybe new changes coming to the market.
  3. They manage the testing and debugging process and come up with improvement recommendations.
  4. Since they are to the clients/users, they provide technical feedback to the project managers, technical teams, testing and development teams.
  5. 261311 analyst programmers do the costing after working on feasibility studies, objectives, and the project’s timeliness.
  6. They attended seminar and workshops organized by clients or suppliers to keep a healthy working relationship on behaving to the organizations they are working for.
  7. They design, develop and implement new programs through the creation of computer applications.
  8. Works as a team member to coordinate among different teams while working on software/ICT projects
  9. They are in constant contact with the existing or running project owners to make sure they are working as expected.

Qualifications Required for 261311 analyst programmer skill assessment

  • The applicants for registration for the analyst programmer should have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualifications in ICT related field.
  • Five years of relevant experience in ICT related to the organization and performing similar duties as described by ANZSCO.
  • Relevant vendor certifications can substitute formal education qualifications.

Skills Requirement for 261311 analyst programmer skill assessment              

The ACS RPL report for the 261311 analyst programmer should include soft skills and ICT skills to gain meaningful employment in Australia. Below are the personal skills required for a successful analyst programmer

  • Good in timekeeping
  • Ability to deliver quality work.
  • proactive 
  • Quantitative and analytical skills.
  • Good leadership skills
  • Oral and written communication in the English language
  • business-minded approach

The ICT core units required for this field as per ANZSCO are as follows.

  1. ICT requirement documentation
  2. Programming skills
  3. Testing and debugging of the software.
  4. Knowledge of operating systems and web programming
  5. Software engineering
  6. Design and management of Databases
  7. Computer algorithms among others

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