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261399 Software And Application Programmer

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Who is Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO 261399?

The demand for application and software programmers has been growing sharply in each business because they are focusing on developing applications that are mobile-friendly. They develop applications ranging from mobile applications to applications related to several platforms and domains such as desktop applications, windows, and cloud-based applications. Numerous companies hire application and software programmers to search from them a complete software solution. Application programmers in some industries are expected to develop a complete software solution while in some other businesses, they are expected to build the framework. As a result, they should be conscious of the software development process and programming paradigms in addition to being proficient in one programming language. A complete requirement for application programmers and ACS software are contained in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO) 261399.

Job Description of Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO 261399

The roles and job titles of application and software programmers may differ between companies. In some cases, they require individuals with specific specialization or skills such as graphic software development, accounting software development, office suites, or mobile application development.

The job of application and software programmer is described below:

  1. They are involved in testing the system and improvising them
  2. They are conversant with application development platforms and a variety of operating systems.
  3. They closely work with software and analyst engineers.
  4. Their interaction with computers is continuous while building software, setting functions, writing programs, and processing data.
  5. They should know various programming languages such as C++, C#, Oracle, Java to ensure they have developed apps that are effective.
  6. Application and software programmers usually write code as per the specification of the user.
  7. They are engaged to create a software solution that is complete for the users

Roles and Responsibilities of Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO 261399

ANZSCO describes the various task and duties that an application and software programmer perform.  Any interested candidate in their RPL report need to showcase the following roles and responsibilities to qualify for the evaluation conducted by the Australian Computer Society:

  1. They are supposed to add new features to the current applications and update them
  2. They are required to design the application prototype
  3. To get equipped with new knowledge to design applications and maintain them self-updated concerning the new development frameworks.
  4. They are required to perform the test at various levels of software development -non-functional testing, functional testing, integration testing, system testing, and unit testing.
  5. To have a thorough discussion with customers and then build the specifications of the system.
  6. They are supposed to provide programming language by translating the specifications.
  7. To work in coordination with the entire team of software development, devising specific solution software, and creating applications that are effective.
  8. To create technical specifications, user documentation, and procedures.
  9. To create, implement and maintain the application’s source code
  10. They handle problems specified by the customers by providing solutions and build strategies for the same.

Qualifications Required for Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO 261399

  • The ANZSCO defines that an interested candidate should have a higher degree or a bachelor in a related field such as software engineering, computer applications, computer science, and information technology.
  • A 5 years’ experience as a minimum in the relevant field is needed.
  • Candidates of job titles who are eligible to apply include Developer Programmer, Software Architect, Software Designer, Software Tester, and Analyst Programmer.

Skills Required for Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO 261399

The interested candidate must prove their skills to the evaluating committee to strengthen their application for 261399 software and application programmers. The software and application programmer’s demand has grown lately in Australia and is predicted to rise in the future. But the employers are not only searching for people who have in-depth technical knowledge but also who are willing to learn strong interpersonal skills and attitude such as:

  • Innovative and creativity
  • A logical approach to finding solutions
  • Good in both oral and written communication.
  • Should be attentive to details
  • Ability to coordinate in a team
  • Expert in solving problems
  • Analytical thinker

Some Core ICT units that are the area of knowledge or skills that are nearly connected to this job are mentioned in the ANZSCO. The following is the ICT unit list for an application and software programmer.

  1. Systems Testing
  2. Systems Programming
  3. Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design
  4. Electronics
  5. Functional Programming
  6. Computer files processing
  7. Programming
  8. Human-Computer Integration
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Operating Systems
  11. Artificial Intelligence
  12. Computer Algorithms

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