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262113 Systems Administrator

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Who is Systems Administrator ANZSCO code 262113?

The system administrator plans, installs, develops, maintains, troubleshoots, and supports the organization’s operating system. It deals with the software, databases server hardware to improve system performance, security, and integrity. The other name for the system administrator is Systems Manager. The (ANZSCO) Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations categories the system administrator’s job roles under the ANZSCO code 262113. Therefore Applicants who meet these requirements can prepare RPL reports for immigration. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is responsible for assessing the RPL report based on 262113 systems administrators’ job roles.

Job Description of Systems Administrator ANZSCO code 262113

System administrators are required to have technical knowledge in computer networks, computer hardware, and computer applications. The job description of the 262113 system administrator is shown below.

  1. They communicate regularly with end-users because of their technical know-how.
  2. With their knowledge of systems, they ensure the technical structure of the organization is running efficiently.
  3. System administrators resolve computer systems problems through troubleshooting and diagnosis regularly.
  4. They have extensive known how in computer hardware, operating systems, and the internet to ensure the computer systems work as expected.
  5. They work with computer technicians, network specialists, and developers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Systems Administrator ANZSCO code 262113

Systems admins have various roles in an organization. They may handle the following;

  1. Identify and resolves technical issues in the servers, whether hardware or software challenges.
  2. Creating and maintaining the databases in the companies.
  3. Monitor the performance of the networks and resolving any challenges faced.
  4. The administrator of workstations, printers, servers, switches, software development, firewalls, and other security equipment.
  5. Regular testing of the databases to ensure it works well by debugging to resolve technical issues in the database systems.
  6. Training of the staff on computer systems maintenance.
  7. Installation, configuring, and maintenance of hardware and software of the computer systems.
  8. Ensuring regular systems backups and enforcing the right security standards.

Qualifications Required for Systems Administrator ANZSCO code 262113

Holder of bachelors or higher degree in information security, computer science, or related fields to meet requirements of systems administrators 262113 as per the ANZSCO

  • However, applicants may produce a relevant vendor certificate or present work experience in the field for a minimum of 5 years to compensate for the formal education requirements.
  • Relevant certifications from the developers of ICT systems plus a minimum of years’ work experience in ICT-related companies.
  • Additional training, plus experiences for those who don’t have sufficient experience and requisite field experience

Skills Required for Systems Administrator ANZSCO code 262113

Apart from the technical skills, the systems administrator should be

  • Good negotiating skills
  • Mathematical abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Have problem-solving skills
  • Leadership and teamwork ability
  • Critical thinker

Systems Administrator should have below technical skills to complement the soft skills.

  1. Project management
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Client-Server Technology
  4. Systems Programming
  5. Computer hardware
  6. System Administration
  7. Data Structures
  8. Data Communications
  9. File Processing
  10. Database Management Systems
  11. Systems Security
  12. Encryption of Data
  13. Systems Management
  14. Web security
  15. Web and the internet

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