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263113 Network Analyst

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Who is Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113?

A network analyst is responsible for installing, layout, and maintaining all network components in an organization. They are required to plan, design, and analyze network architecture to ensure efficiency. They can also perform such as network maintenance, support, backups, software and hardware upgrades. Network analysts work for organizations like the IT firms, financial institutions, and consulting companies, among others. The alternative names for network analysts are Network Consultant, Network Designer or Network Strategist, and it has one specialization area called Network Architect. The Australia and New Zealand standard classification of occupations (ANZSCO) gives the job descriptions for ANZSCO code 263113 to prepare RPL report preparation and assessment by Australian computer society (ACS).

Job Description of Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113

Network analysts can work in organizations on a full time or part-time basis. The job descriptions of Network analysts as define by ANZSCO are shown below.

  1. They monitor networks and recommend any modifications or upgrades on a need basis.
  2. They make sure the networks in the organization meets the client’s expectations through installation and regular maintenance.
  3. They offer technical support to the company staff in case of network problems.
  4. A network analyst solves the technical challenges related to networks in the company.
  5. They act as the link between the IT department and the senior network managers in the organizations.
  6. Network analysts carry out analysis and research on the network architecture for optimum performance.

Roles and Responsibilities of Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113

These roles of the network analyst depend on the organization where they are employed. But for assessment purpose, ANZSCO recommends below functions to achieve positive results during the RPL reports evaluation. Below are the roles for 263113 Network analyst

  1. They make improvements to the existing systems after researching and learning the new enhancements that are necessary.
  2. Offer assistance to departments in smooth running on networks
  3. They ensure the network standards are maintained by leveraging network speed and resources by monitoring the network conditions.
  4. They offer network support and solve any problems encountered while in operation.
  5. Enforce the network systems standards in areas like network speed, conditions, and resources use etc.
  6. They are responsible for the identification of new technology benefits in the company, followed by implementing it.
  7. They are responsible for installation, configuration and system maintenance in a network for efficient functionality.
  8. They are accountable for documentation of Network systems information such as software, network layout, hardware and configuration.
  9. They do network analysis to identify any network challenges before fixing them.

Qualifications Required for Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113

  • As specified in the ANZSCO, Bachelor’s degree or Higher qualifications in education requirements for Network analyst.
  • Five years of relevant experiences acquired in ICT roles may compensate for the education requirements.
  • Additional training or certifications in ICT vendor training

Skills Required for Network Analyst ANZSCO 263113

The network analyst demands both business and technical skills as per the job description specified by ANZSCO. The ICT skills of the candidates should meet the needs of the RPL report assessment. The general skills for the network analyst are shown below.

  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to adapt to the team membership
  • Good analytical skills
  • A good decision-maker.
  • Result-oriented person

Paramount Core ICT skills relevant for Network Analyst:

  1. Network Protocols
  2. Computerization
  3. Digital Circuits and Design
  4. Data Communication
  5. Computer Science
  6. Mobile Technology
  7. Microprocessors
  8. Distributed Computing
  9. Network interface and topology skills
  10. Wireless Technology
  11. Good project management skills.
  12. Software Engineering
  13. Understanding of the satellite and microwave communication
  14. Programming, Design and Maintenance of Computer Networks

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