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263212 Support Engineer

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Who is Support Engineer ANZSCO 263212?

Support Engineer or IT specialist also referred to as Support engineers are needed in various industries such as medical, business, hospitality, automobiles, IT, medical, and telecom. Support engineers are usually available 24/7 thus they handle many services for the customers within that time. They are accountable to solve all the queries of the clients concerning hardware and software issues, technical problems, providing customer care, or network issue. Various companies have different titles and job roles for support engineers such as application support specialists, operators, technicians, maintenance engineers, or help desk. The job may entail answering calls of the customers and replying to the emails and hence they should be fluent in communication abilities. Any individual migrating to Australia to work as a support engineer, they are required to submit an RPL report detailing their eligibility and key knowledge areas to the evaluating committee known as the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Under ANZSCO 263212 Support Engineer contains the eligibility criteria and the complete job description.

Job Description of Support Engineer ANZSCO 263212

Support engineers are usually employed for various purposes based on the expertise required and the profile. ANZSCO describes job descriptions as:

  1. They put into record how issues are being resolved and the means they have used to deal with them.
  2. They provide the customer enterprise-level support through various mediums such as text messages, phone calls, live chat, and emails.
  3. They offer manuals, written instructions, and brief steps to the customers on how to solve complex queries.
  4. They analyse and solve the problems encountered by the clients.
  5. They are individuals with whom clients can build trust easily
  6. They comprehend the information systems
  7. They are supposed to provide a solution timely to the clients to ensure efficiency

Roles and Responsibilities of Support Engineer ANZSCO 263212

The role of a support engineer may differ in an organization depending upon the needs of the company. In general, the support engineers are mandated to ensure that the computer systems and business are running smoothly. The ANZSCO 2663212 support engineer responsibilities and roles are such as:

  1. Detect the issue by use of the software solutions
  2. Ensuring a good relationship with clients and also ensure that the clients are the solution provided to the customers are contented with the solutions.
  3. Issue logging and properly give their description
  4. Communicate with the clients and the staffs either face-to-face or by phone as required
  5. New technology testing and ensure they have evaluated
  6. Communicate on the technical issues not solved to the technical team
  7. Installing software and hardware systems like network devices and operating systems
  8. Creating user accounts, solving issues connected to sign up and password
  9. Trying to solve the problems encountered by the clients or the staff and resolve their queries
  10. Giving priority to the different issues and managing each of them in an effective manner
  11. Ensuring third parties’ consideration to find a clear solution to a problem
  12. Following up in case of any issue of the client, taking feedback from the clients or challenges they are encountering after the service.
  13. Equipping with software systems and new technology developed by the company

Qualifications Required for Support Engineer ANZSCO 263212

  • Applicants with a bachelor’s or a qualification that is higher in applicable fields related to computer science and technology, like software engineering, business systems engineering, computer network, information technology, business information technology, internet engineering, or computer software development are qualified to apply as a support engineer.
  • However, an applicant can compensate for formal education if they have a vendor certificate or field experience for 5 years as a minimum in the same field.

Skills Required for Support Engineer ANZSCO 263212

Under 263212 ANZSCO stipulates the jobs role of a support engineer demand not only strong interpersonal abilities but also technical skills to effectively handle clients. As a result, the applicant interested in applying for an ACS evaluation has to represent their associate with effective interpersonal skills and technology so that they get a positive result. Support engineer should have personal skills which are important such as:

  • Customer oriented
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Innovative
  • Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Team player
  • Both written and verbal communication

As mentioned by ANZSCO, the core ICT units needed for a support engineer include:

  1. System Testing
  2. Computer Organization
  3. Data Communication
  4. Web engineering (HTML, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, etc)
  5. Network Architecture
  6. ICT Security
  7. Quality Management
  8. Computer networks
  9. Software Architecture
  10. Computer Auditing
  11. Data Security
  12. Operating systems

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