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Plagiarism is not allowed in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), as mentioned in the Migration Skilled Assessment (MSA) booklet published by Engineers Australia (EA). Copy from previously submitted episodes, internet, websites, journals, magazines, digital platforms, and CDR samples online and offline is prohibited. EA uses CDR Plagiarism Checking software to determine whether the content is copied or not. The application for those found to have copied is rejected and banned for one year from logging a new application. We offer CDR Plagiarism Checking and Removal services to ensure the CDR reports are original by leveraging on the sophisticated software tools to crosscheck and compare all data in the internet and Engineers Australia database.

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Plagiarism is never an accident; take care

Plagiarism never happens by accident, and it clearly shows you are not good at communication and developing reports in your own words and language. It clearly shows a lack of ethics because of using other people’s information. Some applicants to engineers Australia are not aware that plagiarism in their CDR reports can affect their Australian immigration application. The consequences of plagiarism in the EA application process may include getting expelled from institutions, banned for one year, or get a negative assessment.

Therefore it’s paramount for all applicants looking forward to the Australian Migration process to submit plagiarism-free Competency Demonstration Support their EA application. The sad reality is that a lot of content is hitting the internet daily, which you might have used hence rendering your work useless because of plagiarism. Therefore you need to use professional software to make sure your work is plagiarism-free. Many plagiarism checkers are available for free online, but it will not check against the Engineers Australia’s database; thus, they will give you false results. We have subscribed to a plagiarism check similar to what engineers Australia is using. This is because all CDR reports assessed by the engineers Australia are kept in a database that can only be assessed by having a premium plagiarism checker similar to ours.

Mycdrwriter has the latest plagiarism checking tools, software, and personnel who understand how to check, avoid, or remove them from the CDR documents.

Why go for CDR Plagiarism Checking service?

Checking for plagiarism in the CDR reports is very important for CDR Australia if you want to get a positive assessment from EA and avoid getting banned for one year because of the similarities. Below are some of the feedbacks that we get from clients who were not aware of plagiarism.

We have identified that your career episodes have been on projects copied from internet sources, publications, and student papers. This means that your CDR declaration that the Report is your own work is not correct and thus does not demonstrate a commitment to ethical conduct and professional accountability. Consequently, your application is declined, and you may reapply in 12 months from this letter’s date. If you are dissatisfied with the assessment outcome, you may follow the review process outlined in the MSA Booklet’’.

Engineers Australia has determined that the identified documents in support of your Migration skills assessment are misleading. Consequently, your application is rejected, and a twelve (12) month ban from submitting another application has now been imposed. Please be informed that your application’s relevant information will not be passed on to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). If you are dissatisfied with this assessment outcome, you may follow the review process outlined in the MSA Booklet, which can be found at’

As you can see from the above comments, EA is strict regarding plagiarism and documents that we submit for the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment. Mycdrwriter offers you a wide range of solutions that includes CDR samples, CDR review services since we are experts because we offer the best CDR writing services for engineers australia.

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