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CDR Report Review Service in Australia

We offer the best CDR Review service to the candidates who have already written their CDR reports at an affordable cost; hence it’s one of the popular CDR Services because of its cost and gives the client ability to take control of his CDR reports writing. You might have completed your CDR writing by preparing the Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) list, three Career Episodes, and Summary Statement, followed by the editing and proofreading and plagiarism checks on your own. However, it is still possible to get the outcome of your Competency Demonstration Report to the Engineers Australia (EA) in the field that you didn’t want despite your best efforts. Our best CDR writing services will help you select projects and CDR writing, which will give you an edge in getting assessed on the field and category you wanted. We will give you a guarantee of being assessed as a Professional Engineer(PE), Engineering technologist(ET), Engineering associate(EA), or Engineering manager(EM) from the binging of your CDR journey, unlike other writing companies who tell candidates that the decision is getting assessed depend on the assessor.

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How can CDR Review Australia help me?

There are three possible CDR assessment skills with engineers Australia outcomes; EA might reject you CDR, ask for the revision and resubmission, assess for the lower category, or assess what you want based on your CDR quality documents that you prepared. Many engineers aiming for Visa 189 as Professional Engineers have been disappointed because their CDR assessment outcome pegged them as ‘Engineering Technologist’ or ‘Engineering Associate’ even when they hold the four-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. We have the solution for these, our experts know the best projects to be assessed as Professional Engineers, and we also know what to include to be assessed under this category. Therefore work with us in giving you 99% guarantee of getting an assessment as a professional engineer (PE)

Some of the main reasons why CDR gets rejected include:

  • Use of excessive technical details such as tables, calculations, photos, and diagrams.
  • Writing CE content in the form of bullet points instead of paragraphs.
  • Copying and pasting anything in your project, especially academic and work-related details.
  • Describe the same project in two Career Episodes – even if you mention different aspects or details of the project.
  • Focus on a group activity or teamwork without much mention of what role you specifically played in the project. If you do not talk about your duties and responsibilities, and how you executed them, how will EA assess your capabilities?
  • Though EA allows you to write your career episodes in different languages (if you include the translations with your CDR report), it is advisable to write career episodes in Australian English only. CDR report that is not formatted properly may also lead to a negative impression on assessors.
  • Not including problem statements, steps, and technologies you used to solve the problems, details about design activities you were part of, and measures you took for environmental and personnel safety.
  • Skipping details like company profile and the project’s objectives, location, and duration in your CDR report is also a serious mistake many engineers make.

Our CDR review services ensure all the above details are considered to ensure your CDR documents meet the assessors’ expectations.

Though EA permits you to compose your CDR reports in various dialects provided, you include interpretations with your CDR report. Still, it’s always good to write your reports in Australian English, which is the most recommended. CDR report that isn’t organized appropriately may likewise prompt a negative impact on assessors.

  • Not including issue explanations, steps, and advancements you used to take care of the issues, insights regarding plan exercises you were important for, and measures you took for the project and staff security.
  • Skipping the organization profile and the undertaking’s targets, area, and span in your CDR report is likewise a genuine slip-up numerous designers make.

In the CDR audit, we focus on all the areas to ensure your CDR reports get a positive assessment from Engineers Australia (EA).

How would you review my CDR?

The CDR experts and professional engineers at have many years of experience developing the best CDRs for engineers applying for the Australian Skilled Immigration Visa. They know the nitty-gritty that can influence the CDR outcomes. As compared with the CDR Editing and Proofreading services involves checking the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, it involves giving suggestions on how to structure the content and improve the CDRs to EA standards. The CDR Plagiarism Checking and Removal services involve checking the similarities with software followed by removing them without affecting the quality of your CDR to meet the EA assessment requirements.

Here are some of the CDR review cases we have handled:

  • I am a graduate electrical engineer with more than 7 years of work experience as an electrical engineer, and I applied to EA as a professional engineer. However, I received comments from the assessor stating that the career episodes presented provide insufficient details of the engineering work undertaken by you; hence the best outcome is the electrical engineering technologist.

In this case, our client was worried because getting assessed as an engineering technologist would have minimized his chances of getting invited, considering that the engineering technologist category is more competitive. We reviewed his CDR by rewriting all the career episodes by including all the technical details on HOW WHAT, and WHY. We gave enough evidence by including details like graphs, drawings, tables, images, and calculations. We also updated the summary statement; hence the final verdict was given as a professional engineer.

  • The other case example is for a civil engineer who receives comments like…” re-write this career episode to further emphasize your professional civil engineering draftsperson competencies by presenting specific technical details(including graphs, charts, diagrams, designs, calculations etc.) in personal engineering section” Hence, the best qualification outcome offered to you is Civil Engineering Technologist (ANZCO 233914).

This applicant was not sure of whether to accept the outcome or not. He approached us and took our CDR review services to analyze the episodes and the data used. We rewrote the episodes and updated the summary statement. To cut the story short, this client got a positive assessment as a civil engineering draftsperson.

Please contact us for any CDRReview Service to help you answer comments from EA assessors and get your desired CDR assessment outcome.

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