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CDR Report Sample For Environmental Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233915

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The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Environmental Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and Summary Statement. The Content of the Environmental Engineer CDR Report Sample is as follow:

Environmental Engineer Career Episode Report 1

Project Name: “Dewatering Management Plan”

In first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was working as an Environmental Engineer in Sydney, Australia. This career episode is based on his project named as; “Dewatering Management Plan”. During the time, the responsibilities of the author were to:

  • Performed the desktop study of the site, analysed geology landscape, acid sulphate soils risk, and potential receptors of the water.
  • Analysed the groundwater conditions before dewatering such as quality, depth, and flow direction.
  • Designed the model, set soil profile and parameters of soil, assumption of level of water
  • Analyzed Environmental projects for the lower level of excavation and the shoring wall by considering the total duration of the process of dewatering.
  • Simulated the model designed within the software SEEP/W to estimate volume, direction of flow, surround areas impacted and estimated drawdowns

Environmental Engineer Career Episode Report 2

Project Name: “Detailed Site Investigation”

In second career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was working as an Environmental Engineer in Canberra, Australia. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Detailed Site Investigation” were:

  • Performed the desktop study of the site, reviewed topographical, geological, and hydrogeological and soil landscape maps for the project area.
  • Researched historical aerial photographs, land titles and Councils records to review previous site.
  • Utilized historical sequence of land development onsite and in the neighboring area.
  • Searched in the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under the Contaminated Land Management Act to evaluate if site and land in close proximity are subject to any notices issued by the EPA.
  • Management of subcontractors for field work: service locator and driller.

Environmental Engineer Career Episode Report 3

Project Name: “Green World and Road Management”

In third career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was a student of Civil Engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Green World and Road Management” were:

  • Performed desktop search for deep knowledge of embodied energy, research methodology of its calculation with its application in real projects followed by the limitations of the methodology.
  • Selected a development plan to use as my practical model;
  • Developed spreadsheets to calculate the amount of building material used for the construction of my model;
  • Calculated the value of energy used in each phase: pre-operational, operational and post-operational;
  • Analyzed the quality of building materials spent most and less energy for it production;

Environmental Engineer Summary Statement

In his summary statement the author presents all the competency elements required for Professional Environmental Engineer. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. His Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Environmental Engineer Continuing Professional Development

The CPD includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Environmental Engineering Knowledge.

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