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CDR Reports Samples

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CDR Reports Samples

Mycdrwriter offers CDR report samples that are to be used for reference purposes only. We have a very big database of the samples you can choose from; hence it will be easier for you to follow. We have samples for the entire engineering field mentioned in the MSA booklet. Make sure you are not copying from CDR samples that we offer when preparing your final Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) you submit to Engineers Australia (EA) when applying for a skilled migration visa. Engineers Australia is very strict when it comes to plagiarism. For more information, check our Best CDR writing services on CDR Plagiarism Checking and Removal services.


Coming from India, I was not able to understand the guidelines and format for CDR writing. Still, my friends suggested the free CDR samples from because I had a limited budget in developing my CDR reports. The free CDR samples helped develop my competency demonstration reports (CDR) that go a positive CDR assessment. Thanks to cdrreport 5 stars/4.9 Rating

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The experience team consists of experienced engineers and professional writers who offer CDR writing assistance regularly; hence they understand the changing trends in engineering fields. Our free CDR samples have been previously assessed positive assessment by EA; thus, you will be sure that you are following the correct EA guidelines.

Our Free CDR reports samples that we offer were previously assessed and might be in the EA database as the projects used were previously submitted to Engineers Australia. 

Our CDR samples were written based on the latest Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet published and updated regularly by Engineers Australia (EA); hence you will be referring to the latest formats that will guarantee you a positive assessment with EA. The free CDR samples include a Sample CPD, a Sample Career Episode, and a Sample Summary Statement.

We have CDR samples for Engineers Australia from below fields with different areas. Please contact us with the Engineering specialized areas to wish to get your CDR reports samples from. 

Mechanical Engineer – ANZSCO Code: 233512

Electrical Engineer – ANZSCO Code: 233311

Electronics Engineer – ANZSCO Code: 233411

Chemical Engineer – ANZSCO Code: 233111

Telecommunications Engineer – ANZSCO Code: 263311

Aeronautical Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233911

Biomedical Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233913

Civil Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233211

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson – ANZSCO CODE: 312311

Engineering Manager – ANZSCO CODE: 133211

Engineering Technologist – ANZSCO CODE: 233914

Environmental Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233915

Geotechnical Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233212

Industrial Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233511

Materials Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233112

Mining Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233611

Naval Architect – ANZSCO CODE: 233916

Petroleum Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233612

Production Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233513

Structural Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233214

Telecom Network Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 263312

Transport Engineer – ANZSCO CODE: 233215

The sample Competency Demonstration Report from us was previously assessed positively by EA, which means that it had worked for the Engineers who wanted to migrate to Australia. These are the candidates who got their Visa 189 or Visa 190 or Visa 489 (according to the class for which they applied) based on the CDR reports that we prepared on their behave.

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