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Engineers New Zealand Approved KA02 Report Samples

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KA02 Report Samples for IPENZ New Zealand

Any candidates before migrating or wishing to migrate to New Zealand should possess the relevant knowledge and skills. The candidates are required to submit a report to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) referred to as Knowledge Assessment02(KA02), which is the body entrusted to evaluate the necessary skills of the candidates. The reports that are known as KAO2 is usually used for any individuals to evaluate their skills and knowledge for New Zealand Migration.IPENZ is an engineer’s body that deals with all matters of engineering in New Zealand. The body members are individuals who are either related to the field of engineering or engineers. The KA02 report is an evaluation of the applicants, who are insufficient in ICT or non-ICT fields.

Any candidate has to be evaluated for their skills, knowledge, and work experience that is a necessity for the New Zealand Skilled Migration if they are willing to migrate to New Zealand. It’s usually an advantage for the applicants who have insufficient ICT or who are not but they have professional experience because they are working in the field of ICT. There is usually a provision in the IPENZ KAO2 report for IPENZ skill assessment for any interested applicants to prove their skills and work experience in the field of ICT. As a result, the applicants should hand over to IPENZ the KAO2 report to New Zealand. It is important for any applicant who possesses a degree that is not equivalent to a NewZealand’s diploma or a degree but they have professional experience in the field of ICT. These individuals are qualified to apply via the IPENZ KAO2 report for the ICT skills assessment.

It’s usually very simple for any candidate to get a KAO2 report from candidate can rely on the platform for IPENZ skills assessment to get a quality report. We have been offering the service for a long time hence giving us the experience in providing KAO2 reports to any interested individuals who are wishing to migrate to New Zealand. our service involves providing KA02 reports to applicants of all the fields of engineering like Electronic, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, and much more. All our writers comprehend well the guidelines and they can provide the reports of the candidate according to their skills and knowledge.

Some of the KAO2 reports presented to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand skilled migration are usually written by the individual candidates. Because some candidates have great experience in the sector of ICT they go ahead and make their reports. But these candidates always rely on the KA02 knowledge assessment sample, unaware of several IPENZ KA02 reports’ guidelines and regulations needed in the process. has been entrusted by many by providing lots of reports and hence they can write a quality KAO2 report for candidates who are interested. Because of our approval rate which stands at 99% from IPENZ, we assist candidates applying to New Zealand to have a successful migration.

Kinds of Assessment Reports for IPENZ

The interested applicants in New Zealand skilled Migration can handover either of the following reports to IPENZ

  • The applicants who have graduated from a University in a country that has been accredited to Washington Accord are supposed to submit to IPEBZ the KAOI assessment report. besides, if the guidelines of New Zealand universities are followed by the university of the graduate.
  • If the university where the applicant graduated is not affiliated with New Zealand University or Washington Accord, the candidate is supposed to submit a KA02 report to IPENZ.

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